Nursing Salary In Virginia

The Nursing salary in Virginia varies from a nursing assistant minimum of $33,000 up to a highly paid RN Ldr Up salary of $104,000. The biggest factors that establish a nurses salary in Virginia are education, experience, and time spent on the floor.

The salary in Virginia for nurses is a competitive salary. RN’s can earn a decent living starting at $33,000 but this can vary depending on several factors. Factors taken into consideration for an RN’s salary are industry, advanced certifications held by the RN, degrees completed, type of specialization, and how many years’ experience the RN has in this field.

Education & Experience Increase a Nursing Salary in Virginia

The state of Virginia has a wide range of variations in a registered nurse's salary. The variations can be caused because of experience needed for the position, the size of the population and if the market for that type of nurse is competitive or not. If you take a look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you will find that the average hourly wage for a nurse is $35.56 and $67,720. Do keep in mind this is an average and some nurses may make more or less depending on experience and education.

On an average, a typical starting salary for a RN can range from $28,000 to $50,000 a year. The starting hourly pay rate for an RN is $16.50 to $26.00 an hour.

How Many Hours Do Nurses in Virginia Work?

Nursing Salary in VirginiaWhen looking at a nursing salary in Virginia you will want to understand a nurse's working hours. A typical work shift for a nurse is up to 12 hours a night and a typical work week for a nurse is two to five days. The minimum requirement for a nurse to meet their salary requirements is four days a week.

Variables that affect a Nurses Salary in Virginia

The pay scale varies from one nursing position to the next. Variables that effect a nurses earning potential include: 

  • Degrees the nurse has obtained
  • How many years of experience the nurse has
  • What types of certification the nurse has
  • The nurses area of specialization
  • What shift a nurse works

While the salary of a nurse is important, the ability to land a job in the field of nursing is also important. One advantage of going into the nursing field is that there's a large demand for nurses in every state with many types of nursing careers to choose from. Currently, there are at least 100,000 vacant nursing positions and it's estimated that up to 800,000 will become available within the next 20 years.

In the end, making the decision to attend one of the many nursing schools in Virginia and starting a nursing career is a smart one. The cost of living, nursing salary in Virginia and endless job opportunities make this one of the most rewarding career felids a person can choose.

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