How to Become a Nurse in Virginia

Becoming a nurse is the state of Virginia is a smart career choice for several reasons. The state has thousands of openings available, a decent starting salary and plenty of quality nursing schools in Virginia to choose from.

A person that wants to pursue the position of a RN has to become licensed with the state they are working in. This will make them legally responsible for their practice. A nurse's role in the nursing profession is a combination of technology and science. This combination includes education, healing, and counseling.

The nursing profession is not a gender discriminating field. The nursing field is open to students directly out of high school or even people taking up a different career later in life.

Education is the First Step to Becoming a Nurse in Virginia

How To Become A Nurse In VirginiaEducation is the first and most important step to becoming a nurse at any level. The courses needed in order to become a registered nurse are as follows, Science, Anatomy and Physiology, Mental Health, Maternity Care, Wellness and Health Promotion, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and clinical. However, different types of nurses will have specific courses that they will focus on.

The Benefits of Becoming a Nurse in Virginia

A nursing career has several benefits. Among these benefits is the fact a nurse can work anywhere in the world and jobs are available in small cities, large cities and in every state and setting. Perks of the nursing profession include health benefits, dental benefits, and paid time off.

A nurse can choose what schedule they want to work such as part time or full time. The shifts range from eight hours to 12 hours and there are generally first, second, and third shifts. Most nurses hire on in a hospital setting and work in executives offices or patient care units.

Here is a list of different duties that a nurse can be hired for:

  • Utilization nurse works with patients records on reimbursement costs.
  • Nephrology nurse monitors a patient who just received a transplant.
  • Psychiatric nurse’s calms a patient down that may be having hallucinations.
  • Orthopedic nurse’s works with a patient elderly or young with walking and becoming self-efficient.
  • Neonatal intensive care nurse takes care of babies weighing less than two pounds.
  • Discharge planning nurse helps explain the follow up visits and care the patient will need when going home.

After obtaining either your two year CNA degree or four year bachelors of science in nursing degree you will be able to enter the job market as a nurse in Virginia. Many nurses start out as CNA's and continue their schooling while they are actively working.

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